Saturday, July 08, 2006

Big Cat Rescue Needs Volunteers Like You!

Big Cat Rescue is a unique sanctuary dedicated to the care of abused, orphaned, abandoned, unwanted, and elderly wild & exotic animals. The operation of this facility is very costly and relies heavily on an active volunteer organization to help offset some of those costs, as well as allowing us to provide a better life for the animals.

The Big Cat Rescue Volunteer Program consists of two distinct departments with diverse skill levels and responsibilities designated by shirt color. These levels are designed to enhance volunteer strengths and meet the varied needs of the sanctuary.

Volunteers begin in either Keeper Training to learn animal husbandry or Administrative Training to learn tour guiding and guest relations. Much of the initial training consists of the basic knowledge needed to be a valued volunteer. As a trainee advances through the program the trainee will learn specific skills pertaining to a particular department.