Saturday, July 08, 2006

Big Cat Rescue offers Tours of our Big Cat Sanctuary

Do you see yourself looking over the vast Serengeti plains, searching the horizon for a glimpse of a pride of Lions, or a Leopard lounging in the trees? Do you imagine yourself in India, riding an elephant through the high grass with your eyes peeled for the elusive Tiger? Have you ever thought how great it would be to hike through the rainforest, listening to the tropical birds, ever on the lookout for a Leopard or an Ocelot high in the canopy? Have you ever been to the zoo and wanted to be closer to the exotic cats? so close you could touch them? You don?t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to make these dreams come true. The world?s largest and most diverse collection of exotic cats is right here in Tampa, Florida at Big Cat Rescue.

This 45 acre, wildlife sanctuary is home to 150 cats representing 19 species and sub species of wild cat. All in one place you can see Lions, Tigers, Geoffroy Cats, Jungle Cats, Servals, Caracals, Snow Leopards, Bobcats, Lynx and more. Watch Tigers swimming in the lake or see them run full speed through their 3 acre cat-a-tat. Get so close to them that you can feel their hot breath on your skin.