Saturday, July 08, 2006

Canada Lynx of Big Cat Rescue

The Canadian Lynx can still be found in Canada, Alaska, and a few areas of the northern United States. Unlike any other cat ? this Lynx depends solely and almost exclusively, on the snowshoe hare. As hare populations rise and fall, so do the Lynx families.

Trapping continues to be one of the greatest threats for the Lynx. Candian Lynx are easily trapped and when done during times of low numbers it makes recovery of the population extremely difficult. Many states still allow trapping for the fur trade and do not have guidelines that require trappers to check their traps on a regular basis. A Candian Lynx caught in a steel jawed leg-hold trap will suffer for hours, or days, as a result of this horrific practice. They have been known to chew off their own legs to break free, only to die later from loss of blood. It takes 20 of these beautiful cats, suffering this way, to make one fur coat.