Saturday, July 08, 2006

Siberian Lynx of Big Cat Rescue

The Siberian Lynx is native to Asia, Europe, and the former USSR. She resembles the Canadian Lynx and Bobcat, but her tail is black all the way around as if it were dipped in ink. The Siberian Lynx can weigh upwards of 50 pounds. She depends on large rodents and small deer for food, but is capable of killing reindeer that are three times her size.

These Siberian Lynx are enjoying some of the enrichment provided by Big Cat Rescue volunteers. They love to chew and pineapple tops are a big favourite. All of the cats on Easy Street get boxes full of enrichment that often includes spice, perfume, whole prey and fruit as a means to temporarily alliviate the boredom of life in a cage.

The largest threats facing the Siberian Lynx are the destruction of her prey base, loss of habitat and the increasing urbanization of western Europe. There is still some hunting of the Lynx for the pelt trade, but it is believed to be restricted to less than 1,000 per year from China and 2,800 per year from Russia. At it's peak the fur trade claimed the lives of 12,000 of these cats per year from the wild and many more were raised in fur farms and slaughtered for the fashion industry.
Siberian Lynx are particularly difficult to house because of their excessive chewing. Dens and shelves are destroyed in no time.