Saturday, July 08, 2006

White Servals of Big Cat Rescue

In the wild there have been melanistic, or black Servals, reported. In captivity there have been only four incidents of White Servals and the three living cats reside at Big Cat Rescue. The White Serval is not an albino but a genetic mutation that would never exist in the wild. Their health is very fragile. They have green eyes and one spot of normal coloured golden fur somewhere on their bodies. As you can see, being white, they could never sneak up on prey.

As rare as this cat is, there is no reason to breed it because it will never have the opportunity to live free. To breed it only as an oddity to attract customers would be a shame. We were offered 75,000.00 apiece for these White Servals, but declined and neutered them to insure that no serval would ever be killed at birth for having been born the wrong colour. This has been the legacy of the White Lions and White Tigers and WILL NOT be the future of the Serval.